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                                    "Once a Marine, Always a Marine."
If you are a Marine, male or female, active duty, retired, serving with the Reserves or no longer actively serving, have a copy of your DD-214, and served a minimum of 90 days and were discharged or separated under honorable conditions, you could be one of us!
We also welcome former and current  F-M-F Navy Corpsman to join our ranks.
The Marine Corps League also has Associate memberships available for those that otherwise are ineligible for a regular membership. They stand beside the regular membership in activities and programs that the Marine Corps League is involved in.  Association members and F-M-F Corpsmen are always welcome to join us!
If you don't have a copy of your DD-214, if applicable, go to: to request a copy.
Annual membership is $30.00 and includes free subscription to the Marine Corps League Magazine.   There is a life membership category and fee, check with your local  Detachment Paymaster for current fee's.
“Remember, it’s not the cost of your membership, its the price you paid to become eligible.  Semper Fidelis!"




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