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Marine Corps League National Headquarters

Marine Corps League Online Store

1st Am Trac  Bn:

1st Marine Air wing:

3rd Marine Air Wing:

Brief History of the United States Marine Corps:

Commandants of the United States Marine Corps:

First Marine Division Association:


Gunny R Lee Emey's Approved Sites:

Gunny R. Lee Emey's Mail Call:

Gunny R. Lee Emey's Myspace:

Gunny R. Lee Emey's Website:

Marine Band:

Marine Corps,

Marine Corps, Official Home Page:

Marine Corps Association:

Marine Corps Careers (via Marine Corps Times):

Marine Corps Community:

Marine Corps Community Services:

Marine Corps Evening Parade:

Marine Corps Gifts:

Marine Corps Heritage Press (A Lot Of Useful Information):

Marine Corps Insider:

Marine Corps Mall (via Leatherneck):

Marine Corps Music:

Marine Corps Prayer:

Marine Corps Reserve Toys For Tots Foundation:

Marine Corps Silent Drill Platoon / Evening Parade:

Marine Corps Times:

Marine Corps Units:

Marine Corps Videos / TV:

Marine Corps Videos:

Marine Embassy Guard Association:

Marine Heritage:

Marines (The Corps Official Magazine):

Marines Helping Marines:

Marines Official Recruiting Website:

The Few:

Third Marine Division Association:

Our Marines:

National Museum Of the United States Marine Corps:

Second Marine Division Association:

Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society: 

Veteran’s related sites

Veterans Affairs, Compensation and Pension Benefits:

Veterans Affairs, VA:

Veterans Benefits:

Veterans Day, White House Website:

Veterans History Project:

Veterans Of Foreign Wars (VFW):

Veterans Service Organizations:

Vets For Justice:
Vietnam Veterans Of American:

Military Officers Association:

Together We Served, Find Old Buddies:
Veteran’s Employment sites

Jobs For Veterans Act:

Jobs, "Destiny Group":

Jobs, "Federal":

Jobs, "Hire A Hero": ypICFSQtHgodO30Skw

Jobs, "Hire Veterans":
 Jobs, "Military Connection":

Jobs, "Military Hire":

Jobs, "Military Job Zone":

Jobs, "Military Stars":

Jobs, "Soar Careers":

Jobs, "Transition Assistance Online":

Jobs, "VA Joe":

Jobs, "Job Vet Central":

Jobs, "Veteran Careers":,13373,,00.htm

Jobs, "Veteran Employment":

Jobs, "Veteran Jobs":

Jobs, "Veteran Jobs":

Jobs, "Welcome Back Veterans":

Jobs, "Wounded Warrior Project":

Veterans Careers in National Defense:

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