Martinsville, IN

Page 23

The NCO Creed

I am the Backbone of the
United States Marine Corps,
I Am a Marine
Non-Commissioned Officer.

I serve as part of the critical link
between my commander
(and all officers) and
enlisted Marines.

I will never forget who
I am or what I
I represent.

I will challenge myself to the
limit and be ever
attentive to duty.

I am now, more than ever,
committed to excellence in all
that I do, so I can set the
proper example
for other Marines.

I will demand of myself all the
energy, knowledge and skill I
possess, so
that I can install confidence in
those I teach.

I will constantly strive to perfect
my skills and to become a
good leader.

Above all I will be truthful
in all I say or do.
I am a United States Marine N.C.O.


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