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                                                                               Corpsman's Pledge

I solemnly pledge myself before God and these witnesses to practice faithfully all of my duties as a member of the Hospital Corps.  I hold the care of the sick and injured to be a privilege and sacred trust and will assist the Medical Officer with loyalty and honesty. I will not knowingly permit harm to come to any patient.  I will hold all personal matters pertaining to the private lives of patients in strict confidence.  I dedicate my heart, mind, and strength to the work before me.  I shall do all within my power to show in myself an example of all that is honorable and good throughout my naval career.
Corpsman's Rhyme:
From the halls of Montezuma
First words of a famous song,
When Marines go into battle,
A Navy corpsman goes along.
From its very beginning
The Corps has steadily grown,
And the attitude of a Marine is
"we take care of our own."
Marines may give up their water
Or even their last bean,
But never their Navy corpsman
Wearing the Marine Corps green.
When Marines and their corpsman
are standing side by side,
The first thing you notice
Is the sharing of their pride.

If you are looking for trouble
Of a kind you've never seen,
Attack their Navy Corpsman,
The one in Marine Corps green.

"Thank God for our Corpsman"


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