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Throughout the History of the United States Marine Corps, Navy Hospital Corpsmen have served side by side with Marines to answer their cry of: "CORPSMAN UP!"

Recently, FMF Corpsmen who served with the Marines have been approved for Membership. This means that, regardless of rank held, regardless of when or where he served, regardless of what Division or Wing or Marine installation they may have served with, that Corpsman is welcome in the Marine Corps League.

Our Detachment dedicates this page to those F-M-F Corpsmen that put themselves in Harm's Way to render aid and assistance to us when we need it....  Semper Fi Brother!
Wherever you find the Marine Corps, there you will find the Navy Hospital Corpsman. In times of peace, he or she toils unceasingly, day and night, providing quality care to numerous beneficiaries. In times of war, he is on the beaches with the Marines, employed in amphibious operations, in transportation of wounded by air, on the battlefield, and on all types of ships, submarines, aircraft carriers, and landing craft. In short, wherever medical services may be required, the Hospital Corpsman is there, not only willing but also prepared to serve his or her country and his fellow man above and beyond the call of duty.

The United States Say "Thank God for the Marines". The Marines say  "Thank God for the Corpsman"

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